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Last Door Inc


An Organization Built on Hope

Last Door Inc. is a dedicated nonprofit organization with a profound commitment to addressing homelessness in our community. With a rich history spanning over a decade, Last Door Inc. has consistently championed the cause of helping homeless individuals transition into self-sufficient, independent living.

Our mission is our core belief that every person, regardless of their circumstances, deserves a chance to rebuild their lives with dignity and hope. We firmly believe that by providing support, including shelter, job training, mental health services, and access to vital resources, we can empower individuals to break free from homelessness's grip.

Off the Streets: Combating Homelessness

The idea behind "Off the Streets" is a multi-faceted approach that combines temporary shelter with comprehensive support services. We realized that merely providing a roof over someone's head is not enough; we needed to address the root causes of homelessness. Our goal is to establish a transitional housing program that not only offers safe and stable accommodation but also incorporates job training, mental health counseling, addiction recovery programs, and access to educational resources.

To solve the challenge of breaking the homelessness cycle, we will forge partnerships with local businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare providers to create a network of support for our program participants. We also will engage with our community to raise awareness and garner support, both in terms of volunteers and financial contributions.

The impact of "Off the Streets" will be significant.

Many program participants will be able to secure stable employment, gain the skills and confidence needed to maintain their own homes, and even become mentors to new entrants in the program. Furthermore, we anticipate a surge in community involvement, with more people volunteering their time and resources to support our cause. The success of this project will not only transform the lives of those we serve but has also strengthened our organization's ability to make a lasting difference in the fight against homelessness.

How You Can Help


Is an investment in humanity. It's a chance to be part of a movement that uplifts those who have fallen on hard times, offering them hope, dignity, and a second chance at life.

Financial Support: Your generous donation, no matter the size, will directly fund shelter, services, and resources for our homeless neighbors.


To discuss how you can join us in this life-changing endeavor, please reach out to us.

Volunteer: Consider contributing your time and skills to support our project. Your involvement can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.


Together, we can turn the tide on homelessness and create a brighter future for our community.

In-Kind Donations: Donations of goods, services, or expertise can help us reduce operational costs and allocate more resources directly to our clients.


Together, we can create a future where homelessness is a thing of the past, and give every individual the opportunity to rebuild their life.

Corporate Partnerships: We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with socially responsible businesses to create mutually beneficial partnerships

News and Updates

"Good Deeds on the Menu”

“Project Safe Shelter”

By coming together as a community, we not only satisfy the immediate need for food but also create a positive, lasting impact that brings hope and meaningful change to the lives of those facing homelessness and hunger.

Safe Shelter is designed to meet basic human needs, providing not only a roof over one's head but also access to essential amenities like clean water, sanitation facilities, and, often, social services.

“Crisis Intervention”

Our program includes crisis intervention services to help individuals cope with immediate mental health crises or emergencies. We have staff trained in crisis intervention techniques available around the clock.

Come Join Us

The success of this project depends on you



Telephone: (888) 482-4315

Local: (901) 860-4411

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Last Door Inc

Empowering The Homeless to a Brighter Future.

Our Community Work

"Join hands with Last Door Inc. and be a force for change in our community! Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those struggling with homelessness. Your support can provide shelter, job training, and vital resources to individuals seeking to break free from the cycle of homelessness. Whether you volunteer your time, make a donation, or simply spread the word about our mission, your involvement matters. Let's build a stronger, more compassionate community where everyone has a chance at a brighter future. Get involved today and be a part of the solution with Last Door Inc."

Youth Connect Program

Consider becoming a Youth Partner to one of our program participants, offering your wisdom and guidance to shape a young person's future.

Spread the Word: Help us reach more young individuals by sharing information about our program within your network.

Together, we can empower the youth, instill confidence in their abilities, and inspire them to dream big. Your involvement is not just an investment; it's a commitment to a brighter and more promising future for the next generation.

Mentorship Program

We believe that mentorship is the key to unlocking their potential. Join us in making a profound impact on young lives. By becoming a youth mentor, you can inspire, guide, and help shape the dreams of the next generation. Your wisdom, experience, and guidance can make all the difference. Whether you have an hour a week or a few hours a month to spare, your commitment can change a young person's life forever. Step up, be a mentor, and let's build a brighter future together with Last Door Inc. Youth Mentorship – it's an investment in our community's future leaders."